We are proud to announce that, after a pre-selection among 72 international and local applicants, NAUTA has been selected finalist for the International consultation on the Urban Design of Bao’an West Dynamic Coastal Zone in Shenzhen, China.

This project consists of a plan for the Shenzhen coast towards the Pearl river Delta, the only waterfront left in Shenzhen for requalification, pivot for the entire Pearl River Delta region. The project area consists of 45km coastline with a total 1600ha, including harbor areas, two existing villages and a brand new town that will host 3.5 million inhabitants.

At the end of July NAUTA has presented its strategy to the local Bao’an government. Particular attention was given to NAUTA’s strategy of focusing the whole project on landscape interventions that would solve the massive water pollution that affects the 33 tributary rivers, as well as the Pearl River. NAUTA’s strategy combines a short term intervention based on the intensification of the local mangrove forests, local protected landscape heritage, in order to maximize the water filtering, as well as a long term hydraulic intervention that could eliminate the causes of water pollution for good.

Our ‘Productive Landscape’ becomes the application of our latest research principles that try to design nature and city maximizing their productivity. The Chinese national 2015 plan is stressing the problem of the dramatic decrease of arable land in the country, vs. an unstoppable population growth in the urban areas.

Read more about the project in Shenzhen on the project page.