BJDW – Beijing Design Week
NAUTA architecture & research, latest projects in China. Human settlements forum
Beijing, China

“UABB Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture”
Urban Agriculture Projects in China
Exhibition Pavillion and Lecture
Former Dongchen Flour Factory No 3, Gangwan Road, Shekou, Shenzhen, China

“Beijing Productive Voids”
Beijing Design Week
Sanlitun, Beijing, China

“Biella Wool City”
Exhibition of the competition proposals for the Urban re conversion and functional reorganization of the ‘Ospedale degli Infermi in Biella’.
NAUTA has won the third prize in this competition with its proposal “Biella Wool City”.
08/03/2014 > 28/03/2014
“Ospedale degli Infermi in Biella”
Museo del Territorio Biellese
Biella, Italy

Solo exhibition of NAUTA’s research project Palazzi of Rotterdam
24/01/2014 > 23/03/2014
Festival “Pays-Bas, haut-lieu d’Europe” (The Netherlands, the mecca of Europe)
Maison Régionale de l’Architecture des Pays de la Loire
Nantes, France

“NAUTA’s Hofpoort”
Exhibition of NAUTA’s proposal for the transformation of the  Hofpoort building, as part of the Day of Architecture 2013.
22/06/2013 > 23/06/2013
“24 hours of architecture”
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Exhibition of NAUTA’s research project Palazzi of Rotterdam.
27/06/2013 > 31/07/2013
EME3 festival
Fabra i Coats
Barcelona, Spain


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