PUBLICATIONS ABOUT NAUTA architecture & research

Project: Arch Exercise I.
Various publications on digital media.
ArchDaily Europe: Exercise With The Arches N˚1 / NAUTA Architecture & Research
ArchDaily Brazil: Exercício com Arcos N˚1 / NAUTA Architecture & Research. New European Architecture: House, Avetrana. Bringing the past to light.

Publication: Reclaiming the Street.
Article: De Badkuip (NAUTA architecture & research)
Article: Statement. De Badkuip brings happiness
Article: Interview
Pages: 80-85
Publisher: Showroom MAMA i.c.w. post editions, Rotterdam (NL), 2011
ISBN 978-94-6083-042-6

Magazine: Paisea, Landscape architecture review, #011. Periphery.
Edition: December 2009
Article: El Parque de Epicuro. El viso de alcor. Sevilla.
Article Author: Silvia Rizzo
Pages: 58-61
Publisher: Editorial Gustavo Gili, Valencia (ES)
ISSN 1887-2557

Magazine: Future Arquitecturas #15. Rotterdam.
Edition: December 2008 – January 2009
Project: “Go Kust” Tourism strategy for the Dutch coast, The Netherlands.
Project: GBD art district, Beijing, China.
Project: Ecumenical church for Catholic and Orthodox religions, Bari, Italy.
Project: Masterplan Vatsnmyri, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Project: “Kollector” Theatre and arts centre, Sundsvall, Sweden.
Project: Strategic Planning and design of Concert Hall, Rhythmic Centre and Lybrary, Bodo, Norway.
Pages: 154-159
Publisher: Future Arquitecturas S.L, Madrid (ES)
ISSN 1885-8228

Magazine: Metamorfosi #67-68
Article: Beyond luxury, which kind of hedonism?.
Article author: Maurizio Scarciglia
Pages: 58-65
Publisher: mancosu editore s.r.l., Rome (IT), 2008
ISSN: 1590-1394

Publication: prijsvraag eenvoud competition.
Exhibition catalog ‘Eenvoud’ Architecture Competition
Project: 283 B-twins
Page: 169
Publisher: Architectuurcentrum Casla, Almere (NL), 2006
ISBN 90-808952-2-9

Publication: Steel Masterclass 2003_Innovative use of steel
Project team: Niels van Marrienboer, Petra Riegler, Maurizio Scarciglia, Fabiana Toni
Pages: 104-111
Publisher: Berlage Institute, Rotterdam (NL), 2004

Book: Archiprix International. World’s best graduation projects.
Article: Istanbul 2003 (Archiprix 2003 Finalists)
Project: The infrastructure as generator of new forms of architecture.
Graduation project of Maurizio Giancarlo Scarciglia.
Page: 59
Publisher: 010 Publishers, Rotterdam (NL), 2004
ISBN: 90-6450-447-4

Magazine: Metamorfosi #44
Edition: January/ Febrary/ March 2003
Article: The infrastructure as generator of new forms for architecture.
Article author: Maurizio Scarciglia
Pages: 56-59
Publisher: mancosu editore s.r.l., Rome (IT), 2003
ISSN: 1590-1394

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