NAUTA is a Latin word that means ‘sailor’. The name of the office hints to our mission of travelling through global matters in order to find new subjects to nourish our interests, yet apply our experience for improving the quality of the built environment.  

NAUTA works to optimize resources, to empower the existing and trigger beauty and innovation without crossing the boundaries of the unnecessary. Our ultimate goal is the production of ‘design’ in its broadest meaning. NAUTA designs spaces, landscapes, governance systems, tourism and circular economy strategies, as well as architecture and interiors. Material and immaterial design contribute together to set the base for a healthy future. Together they adapt each scenario to the contemporary needs, keeping it flexible to absorb future innovations in the fields of energy, mobility and climate adaptation.  

In order to practice without boundaries, we do have a mandatory precondition: working with locals. Only through the teamwork with local colleagues and clients we can translate our thoughts into perfectly tailor made solutions, unique for every specific problem and location.



Sustainability nowadays is often meant as generic action for rescuing our environment, reducing the negative effects of urbanization and climate change. For NAUTA sustainability starts from the simple action of abandoning any design dogma, in order to develop a flexible way of thinking, based on objective needs, real engines of the final creative process. An obsessive monitoring of the world moves us towards strategic actions for our clients, capable to guarantee successful investment, yet respect the environment. NAUTA operates an accurate evaluation of context, resources, conditions and distills them into simple and clear ideas. The process follows accurate research steps, starting with research and swot analysis,  moving then to the diagnosis and interventions; Macro and Micro strategies contribute to set the base for systemic interventions that solve multiple problems simultaneously. 

Every project is a challenge to find the right balance between the existing and the final scenario. NAUTA has developed through research applied projects new sustainable models for tourism, social inclusion, economic growth and planning. NAUTA advocates a participative brainstorming with all parties involved in a project, moving its development with discipline, yet optimism, towards its best conclusion. NAUTA’s engagement in sustainable development has helped municipalities as well as private bodies, to move towards new responsible ways of planning our cities and future.




NAUTA is passionate about the social and anthropological roots of each project, as base for every design. This commitment implies adding to the normal design task, an introductory study that goes beyond the traditional design discipline. NAUTA performs like a chameleon, placing its accumulated knowledge at the service of the locals, yet absorbing from them new experience and know-how.
From virgin landscapes that are delicately entering the market of tourism to the epitomes of urbanization, such as the BRIC’s megalopolis, NAUTA takes its work as a declaration of love for humanity, committing to play as its most loyal ally and strive to improve the collective quality of life. NAUTA’s goal is to stay global with its interests, yet become the local accomplice of each client.


NAUTA does not forget that architecture and urbanism are as well an acts of creation and interpretation. While working on the design of a building,  shaping a portion of a city or a detailed interior, NAUTA’s ultimate attention is focused on the user, in order to give him a special experience that could enrich his life.
NAUTA strives to surprise with simplicity, establishing a narrative balance between program and site. As a consequence, we do not wish to belong to a given design current. We are eclectic in the design result, yet surgical in its development. NAUTA’s design is simple, cozy, human.

Christine, unknown visitor of archdaily, on our ‘Arch exercise I house in Avetrana’:
Wow, I love the atmosphere of quietness in this house. A house that really feels close to you instead of trying very hard to be a statement of the architects’ ego!
Thanks Christine, this is what we work for.



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