International architecture competition.
Program: 8.685 sqm auditorium and accessory spaces, parking.
Client: Municipality of Acilia.
Budget: € 4.375.000.
Location: Acilia, Rome, Italy.
Year: 2011.

Simple, intelligent and efficient are the qualities that define our proposal for the Acilia Auditorium in Rome. An almost industrial shelter that has no aim to become an icon within the public space but rather support it and become part of its structure.
The building hosts the primary functions for a small audirorium, positioning it in the very heart of the public gallery. Like a jewel in a box, the auditorium offers the best acoustic quality for every possible performance and the possibility to disapper and leave space to public events, fairs, exhibitions, parties. Thanks to the double protection offered by the service functions concentrated on the petimetre, as well as the internal double glass walls, the auditorium offers the best comfort for every performance. The walls slide vertically with a mechanical system. The same happens to the rows of seats that can assume different configurations till being allineated with the foyer level, transforming the whole structure in a ‘hangar’ kind of space, completely open and in continuity with the surrounding park. This system makes the internal spaces an extensión of the external park. The lateral ramps system gives continuity to the public space and the green even during the closing hours of the auditorium. In fact, the park is extended on the roof of the building, with an unexpected water pond that, as well as assuming a landscape role, becomes a collector of rain water, re-used for the internal toilets and the irrigation of the park.