Commissioned project.
Program: Residential block with three apartments.
Total site area: 728 sqm.
Total built area: 442 sqm.
Client: private.
Location: Avetrana (TA), Italy.
Design: 2006-2007.
Status: on going.

Built on a solid analytical base and on the history of Puglia, this project, through a simple design gesture, challenges the contemporary representation of the spirit of the mediterranean vernacular architecture and the strong Baroque local tradition.
The functional layout is the result of a complex site condition. The building, like a solid tuff block (the local stone), is programmatically carved by deep shaded terraces, which work as `buffer areas’ that separate the different functions , more or less private, within the apartments.
The shift of the tarraces on each level makes each dwelling different from the others, offering to each inhabitant a personalized space solution.
On the street level, a common volume provided with wide rotating doors on the two long facades, allows the connection between the two sides of the garden that otherwise would become a mere corridor−like space around the building.
Tuff stone, mindful of historical and landscape jewels like the “Sassi di Matera” and the “Gravine di Puglia”, is combined with the typical ceramic from Grottaglie, precious and sensual material, additional tribute to the local handcrafts. Brutal and sublime come together for a new concept of “contemporary mediterranean”.