International architecture competition.
Mixed use.
Data: 60.000 sqm hotel, office, apartments, commercial, leisure, services.
Location: Delhi, India.
Year: 2010.

The overall composition is based on the distribution of eight slabs on the site. They are optimized in height and depth in order to host efficiently the main functions required by the master plan: housing, offices and hotel. While offering best views and orientation to all functions, we optimize their total floor ratio.
We compact the additional program into a platform that reconnects the whole structure in a rich system, capable to disclose an exciting sequence of “special spaces”.
The sustainability strategy is founded on the use of the urban floor and the elevated terrace as “public landscapes”. Covered with local species, the terrace will reduce CO2 production. A big water basin that collects rain water on the gallery roof will provide natural refreshment for the hotel rooms.
The orientation of the buildings, together with the system of deep loggias and louvres, will optimize the natural lighting of the interiors. The housing green balconies will filter the air and the light, maximizing the environmental quality of the dwellings.