Master plan for the reorganization of the public space of the centre of the village and landscape design of the square in front of the Municipal Building.
Total floor area: 8.165 sqm masterplan, 1.550 sqm square.
Location: Estrées-Mons, France.
Design: 2013.
Status: on going

The renovation of the Municipality Square, necessary to fulfill the law requisites for disables accessibility by 2015, becomes the opportunity to reorganize the whole ‘core du village’, currently suffering the complete absence of an organic scheme. The space is characterized by the fast extra urban axis that brutally cuts the Municipal Square from the rest of the public space. The design needs to start from this condition to blend this institutional space with the south development, more accessible and domestic.

The square, free from its current fences, becomes active part of the village, completely accessible during the day. It is thought as a public garden, matching the agricultural vocation of the area, integrating facilities such as the bus stop and the existing monument. Every existing tree is integrated in the new design that unfolds around them by adding a uniquegesture; a white concrete platform alternatively becomes catwalk, bench, flower bed, without adding any unnecessary feature, yet matching the limited budget for construction.