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International architecture competition.
Helsinki Public Library.
Total floor area: 11.900 sqm.
Budget: N/A
Location: Helsinki, Finland.
Design: 2012.

Our proposal for the new central library of Helsinki transports the visitors into an ideal travel to rediscover the real essence of Finland: nature.
“Human Nature” brings the visitors to their original mental state. The landmark is not achieved through an architectural/formal operation but rather through the ‘transparency of the institution’, the representation of a democratic access to knowledge as natural as the forest that sur¬rounds the building.
Our project proposes to educate and entertain in the middle of the open landscape, yet in the heart of the metropolis.
We propose, besides the building itself, a new urban setting, a green urban lung that would ideally bring people into a rural context.
It is for this reason that we define our project “Human”, because humans are Nature.