Commissioned project.
Urban scenery and branding strategy for film festival.
Data: scenography of screening setting, harbour “croisette” and cine-arena; Circulation strategy; Web, street branding and logo design.
Client: Associazione Amarganta, Potenza. Italy
Location: Maratea (PZ), Italy.
Design and realisation: 2007

We want to give to our international guests and to the local public, the experience of a media happening that would at the same time pursue the territorial qualities of the Lucanian coast, and become a strong sign of identity of a ‘feminine’ festival: beauty, fascination, and sensuality will mix to create a unique and exceptional urban experience. Isabella the ostrich will “entertain” the evenings of the guests that will find in her the tousand sides of the cinematic woman, through the thematic representation of the character according to the subjects of this festival edition.