International landscape competition.
Design for an urban park.
Total area: 40ha.
Location: El Viso de Alcor, Sevilla, Spain.
Design: 2008.

El parque de la Muela can be thought as a slow place, reachable by the rhythm of the city but still, far from its chaos. It is a place where a contemporary concept of ‘pleasure’ can be reformulated in order to find a new identity for the “Andalusian hedonism”. Sweet is the landscape topography of the land, where a gentle modulation of the ground and the coexistence of hearth and water dilutes the compact urban structure of the village into the open land.
This condition makes us dream of an idyllic meeting between man and nature, artificial and spontaneous, like in historical complexes where architecture sensually melted with nature in a seamless way. Complexes like the villa of the emperor Hadrian in Tivoli (Hadrian was born in Sevilla) represent the materialization of the epicurean philosophy, a field to materialize feelings, the most important things in mens’ life: hedonism as a research of pleasure.


希尔维亚公园 | 塞维利亚 – El parque de Epicuro

El Viso de Alcor, 塞维利亚,西班牙,2008