Open design competition
Program: landscape and urban design for the Jeonnam Citizen’s square
Total site area: 51.000 mq of public space and 5.000 mq of service
Location: Jeonnam, South Korea
Year: 2022

The project offers the flexibility to use the citizens’ square as a unique, extraordinarily big public space, suitable for public gatherings, concerts, exhibitions, or
fragmenting it into a necklace of smaller pocket squares around the central one. Each mini square can react to the adjacent program and context, offering the
possibility to host more or less private activities that might need protection from traffic and noise, as well as safety and protection for children and youngsters.
The linear pedestrian and bicycle bridge that crosses Hugwang-daero, allows the continuity of the south and north squares even at pick hours of traffic.
In the middle of the central square, right at the merging of the two levels (urban level and -5m), at the crossing between the central park and the east-west sunken
square, we introduce a sculptural panoramic tower. The tower, misaligned from the south visual line to the Jeollanamdo regional office building, preserves its visibility from the park, offering the perfect position to dominate the panorama in every direction. The tower becomes the landmark of the new Citizen’s square, while offering a complete perception of the surroundings: the hills to north, the central park and the sea towards south, the new square and the Jeollanamdo regional office and the Namak-ri at east.