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Design for a single family villa.
Commissioned project.
Client: private.
Location: Avetrana (TA), Italy.
Year: 2005
Status: canceled

House Z is a single family villa in the outskirts of Avetrana, a little town on the Jonio coast of Puglia. A long and tapered site is crossed by a displaced composition, which allows a programmatic unfold towards the garden; a tool to define external spaces for the different hours of the day, in the different seasons.
The main terrace, open on the pool that embraces the house like a lake, offers an optimal view toward the garden during daytime.
The back terrace, shadowed by the upper floor, offers a space protected by the sun for the warm summer afternoons.
The underground patio, beyond the street wall, becomes an alcove, offering privacy and utility space at the same time.
The Z shape becomes a flows diagram and follows the movement of the inhabitants during the day. The central core concentrates the circulation around the fireplace, functional apex of collective moments in the house.
House Z liberates the program from a traditional central scheme, making the external spaces a design result of the internal ones.
House Z moves within the garden, facing the orchard and the zig−zag path till the end of the site.
A landscape design becomes inhabitable.