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Commissioned project.
Program: Complete renovation of a two-family house, including garden design.
Total floor area: 350 sqm.
Budget: € 375.000.
Client: private.
Location: Avetrana (Taranto), Italy.
Design and realisation: 2009-2013.

This two-family house presents a traditional local scheme of ‘row house’; introvert on the street and open on the back garden. The central rooms, living and dining areas, suffered great lack of light, due to their distance from the two facades. All rooms on the ground floor present vaulted masonry ceilings, very valuable for their architecture and space effect.
The scheme imposes the preservation of the enfilade of vaulted spaces, yet it urges a strategy to avoid the box in box effect and extend multiple
internal flows and views. In order to achieve this effect of openness and space interconnection, we used the ‘arch’ archetype and applied it in a playful unconventional way. We opened several arches, different in size, either as ‘internal windows’ or to merge entire rooms into each other. The final effect contributes to lighten the masonry structure, offering many interconnected perspectives that ultimately make the spaces breath, lightened by lots of natural light. The masonry becomes lighter, like paper, cut by generous voids.
We reduced the palette of materials to very few ones: masonry and stucco for the walls; ‘coccio pesto’ for the floors, a local mix of hydraulic mortar and terracotta grit, poured on site; travertine for the other surfaces. Travertine is applied either inits natural state, or treated with a transparent resin, capable to preserve the visual irregularity of the stone. The final effect wills to recreate a sort of ‘rustic , thrifty, somehow austere’ atmosphere, achieved by using innovative applications for traditional materials.


International landscape competition.
Requalification of the shore line and natural reserve.
Design of small temporary structures for the tourists.
Location: Porto Pino, Cagliari, Italy.
Design: 2009.


“Albergo Diffuso”
Design for a diffused hotel in Rosciolo de Marsi.
Data: 1.200 sqm new construction for hotel rooms, reception, restaurant, conference room and wine bar.
Urban renovation of public spaces, design of info pavilion, lighting and urban furniture. Long term strategy for the development of the diffused hotel and the total renovation of the historical centre.
Location: L’Aquila, Italy.
Year: 2009.

Maurizio Scarciglia
Claudio Colaci
Paolo Concetti
Mohamed Hasan Jamil
Bruna Vendemmia


“Sustainable city for kids” competition.
Participated design with school pupils.
Program: Public spaces supplied with sport field, nursery, botanic promenade, climbing wall, running path and pedagogic multifunctional pavilion.
Total area: 2.500 sqm.
Location: Manduria (Taranto), Italy.
Design: 2009.

Urban Puzzle is a participated project with the pupils of the local schools of the municipality of Manduria. By drawing in team scenarios of use for this public space, we witnessed the switch of values in the young generations that now follow more complex cultural models.TV shows, internet and new media make kids very exigent. This project becomes an answer to their multiple requests, while becoming a strategy of implementation of the project for the municipality that can partially or completely build the pieces of the puzzle according to a flexible budget.


EUROPAN 10 international urban planning competition
Masterplan for the mixed use redevelopment of Kanaleniland in Utrecht.
Program: Residential area with 250 housing units, divided into 4 low rise and 2 high rise typologies; design of central park, underground parking, retail and public space.
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Design: 2009.


EUROPAN 10 international urban planning competition.
Masterplan for the Liesing District in Vienna.
Program: 358 dwellings, combination of low rise and high rise types. Park, social and commercial activities, plan for a new train station.
Total planning area: 11 ha
Total floor area: 45.000 sqm.
Location: Vienna, Austria.
Design: 2009.

The realities that surround the project site become the base for our study. Its heterogeneous border conditions are astonishing and surreal: the agricultural allotments, their proximity to the centre and to Shönbrunn, a cemetery. We accept to compromise with the allotments and rather pursue their qualities to the extreme, in order to re-invent a unique lifestyle fitting the site. In this sense, we want to pursue the extreme agricultural condition by creating a striking contrast with its “shape and texture”.
Therefore we create a line of high rise elements, very slender and dynamic. The combination of two different densities becomes the key concept for the rediscovery of a new lifestyle and urban landscape. We base the whole master-plan on the collaboration of three main characters: the low rise area, the high rise and the central park. This last one becomes a mediator, an “urban event” which will transform Meidling-Liesing into a unique example for the coexistence of different lifestyles in the core of the capital city.


International architecture competition.
Program: Performance and conference hall, exhibition spaces, workshops, documentation centre, national cinematheque, movie theatre, café-restaurant, commercial spaces.
Total floor area: 16.000 sqm.
Location: Beirut, Lebanon.
Design: 2009.

The design for the House of Arts is a mix of tradition, of the hedonism and luxury that shines through the amazing beauties of middle east and Mediterranean architecture. Rough, yet gentle, the building becomes a case with secret happenings that can be discovered only by exploring it.


“Principi Attivi” competition.
Urban strategy for a “Diffused Hotel” and revitalization of city centre.
Location: Avetrana, Italy.
Year: 2009 >
Status: Under development.

After winning the “Principi Attivi” competition, organized by the region Puglia (Italy), NAUTA is now developing a new “Albergo Diffuso” in Avetrana (Italy).
The project will include the complete urban revitalization of the city centre, the association of several commercial activities within the town and a detailed study and refurbishment of several properties to be incorporated into the hotel. A detailed marketing and branding campaign will enrich the “uniqueness” of this hotel, making Avetrana a continuously vibrating and attracting location to be. All will happen in the complete respect of the existing, but with a constant look to the future.